Renewal of Vows

The Piazza is the perfect place for a wedding so why not a renewal of your vows?


Let us help you share with family and friends the celebration of your marriage with a renewal of vows. Enjoy our wedding chapel (We can even web broadcast and record your renewal!) as your son or daughter get to walk you down the aisle or serve as a best man or maid of honor. Letting your family and friends see you reaffirm your love and devotion to each other will be a special moment for everyone.


A renewal of vows is a great opportunity to share with a new set of friends and most likely family members that were not even born when you first got married. What a wonderful way to declare your love for you each other!


After you renew your vows, pick one of our ballrooms for a night of spectacular food, special toasts, and dancing! With family and friends, you can have a night to remember.


Our coordinators are ready to work with you to make your renewal of vows a simple and easy step to a wonderful evening with family and friends.