Our Story

Here at The Piazza  we put a focus on surrounding our picture perfect venue with  outstanding customer service combined with world class cuisine. Visit us and see why you will leave thinking we “thought of everything”. After all, our story did start with a single bride..


“Dad, we can’t find a wedding chapel with a beautiful center aisle? You should build one!” At first that seemed crazy but then we realized there were a lot of brides looking for a beautiful wedding chapel and the Piazza was born.  Jon and Christine were married in the brand new Piazza in the Village on Jan. 9. The wedding was broadcast on Platinum Weddings WE television show and the rest is “Happily Ever After” for Jon and Christine and many other brides and grooms.


Actually it was not that simple. Heather, Chris, Michael and Ditto –(Yes-Michael and Heather are sister and brother.) set out to build the most beautiful wedding venue in the state of Texas. For our first location we chose the Village of Colleyville. A picture perfect Mediterranean village with shops and homes set in tree -lined streets anchored by an historic town hall. Our vision was simple, this was personal to us and of course it was family. We wanted Christine and Jon to love the Piazza along with every one of our future customers. One more key point… our parents have all been married over 50 years. We had some really great teachers!


We wanted everyone to love: our chapel, our ballrooms, our chandeliers, our courtyard, our food and our people. We hoped for two responses from our couples and their families. First we wanted tears of joy because our Piazza just felt right and perfect for their special day. Second we wanted them to say; “You have thought of everything!” Every week we experiences couples who feel that the Piazza is just right for them. Every day we strive to “ think of everything” so your day can be perfect for you.


So please come visit the Piazza. If it feels right, join us and get married here. We will do everything we can to make it perfect for you. 



Our Owners

Michael and Ditto

About Us:

Michael and Ditto Tamer have always had entrepreneurial minds but building the Piazza Events from the ground up seemed impossible. After lots of prayer and research, and the Lords guidance, Piazza was built in 2009 to honor and celebrate marriage, created by God. Besides working at the Piazza, Michael and Ditto love being with their kids and grandchildren, both lead Bible studies, love to travel and play golf together. 

1 Cor 13:4-5                            Mark 10:6–9                              Romans 12:10

Heather and Chris

About Us:

Heather and Chris Rowley came to Texas  in 2008, from their home in CT,  to be part of the creation of the Piazza.  They have 3 children and two grand children. Their son is part of the AV team at the Piazza. Heather spends most of her time at the Piazza but is able to escape to play tennis and Chris spends his days as part of their churches “Faithworks Team” doing mission work in Texas  and abroad.  




Our Team